Gospel Healing Rally 

 Dr. Peter Gammons

Outlook España 

are excited to announce that 

International Evangelist                

        Dr Peter Gammons

                                                          will minister at a

              Gospel Healing Rally 


                      Saturday 24h November 

                      at 8.00 p.m. 

            *Venue:       Rio de Vida Auditorium

Calle Benijofar, Poligono Industrial Levante 2, 03187

Los Montesinos.


Peter is a friend of presidents, prime ministers and royalty around the world and has a remarkable gift of healing. You can see him praying for the sick on Sky TV, who get healed even if they are not in the meeting.

Peter will pray for the sick at the end of the service. We expect to see miracles of salvation and of healing as God heals what the doctors can do nothing about.


    For more information please contact us


HEALED OF BLINDNESS "I brought my daughter to your meeting because she was born blind. When she woke up the next morning she was completely healed." G.T.

 HEALED OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS In a meeting where Dr. Gammons ministered “One woman who was wheelchair-bound with multiple sclerosis got out of her wheelchair and pushed it home. A number of deaf testified they had been completely healed. “.Pastor N.E.

 ARTHRITIS IN MY FEET "The Lord healed me of arthritis in my feet. Oh the joy of being able to stand in a meeting singing and praising God and to be able to sleep at night instead of living in agony! Just to stand and do jobs without pain." Betty.

 DEAF BABY HEALED "We brought our baby to your seminar - He was totally deaf and the Lord completely healed him. He can hear perfectly" G.B:

87 YEAR OLD HEALED "My eighty seven year old mother was healed of a frozen shoulder and nick in your meeting. She was healed when you walked past her, you didn't even pray for her. My stepfather had been so riddled with arthritis that he could hardly bend or move. He too was instantly healed and the three people I brought with me all gave their lives to Christ." T.B.

 HEALED... AFTER 28 YEARS OF DEAFNESS Peter “said there were people present with hearing difficulties that the Lord wanted to heal. …Due to prolonged exposure to loud explosions experienced whilst testing tank guns in the army, my hearing in both ears had deteriorated. As Peter prayed, I felt a sharp pain and there was a loud noise in my head, which quickly passed and my hearing instantly returned. I no longer need a hearing aid and even whispers can be heard perfectly." A.B. 


se complace en anunciar al 

        Evangelista Internacional      

      Dr. Peter Gammons  

quien ministrará en el  

           Concentración          Evangélico 

de Sanación 

                Sábado 24 de noviembre 

          a las 8-00 por la tarde 

          *  Local:       Rio de Vida Auditorium

Calle Benijofar, Poligono Industrial Levante 2, 03187

Los Montesinos.


 Peter es amigo de presidentes, de primeros ministros y de la realeza de muchos países y tiene el notable don de la sanidad. Usted podrá verle orar por los enfermos en Sky TV, siendo estos sanados aun no estando presentes en la reunión.

Peter orará por los enfermos al final de la reunión y esperamos ser testigos de la salvación y sanidad de muchos al sanar Dios a enfermos por los que los médicos no han podido hacer nada.

Para mas información contactanos

CEGUERA SANADA “Traje mi hija a su reunión porque nació ciega. Cuando despertó a la mañana siguiente estaba completamente sana” G.T.  

SANADA DE ESCLEROSIS MÚLTIPLE En una reunion donde ministró el Dr. Gammons “Una mujer que estaba confinada a una silla de ruedas por esclerosis múltiple se levantó de su silla y la rodó hasta su casa. Varias personas sordas dieron testimonio de haber sido completamente sanadas”. Pastor N.E. 

 ARTRITIS EN MIS PIES  "El Señor me sanó la artritis de mis pies. ¡Que alegría poder estar de pie en una reunión para cantar himnos y alabar a Dios, y poder dormir bien de noche en lugar de estar sufriendo una agonía! ¡solo el poder estar de pie y trabajar sin dolor!”. Betty

BEBÉ SORDO SANADO “Trajimos nuestro bebé a su seminario. El estaba completamente sordo y el Señor lo sanó completamente. Puede oir perfectamente”. G.B.

 SEÑORA DE 87 AÑOS SANADA " “Mi madre de 87 años sufría de endurecimiento de la articulación del hombro. Ella se sanó cuando usted pasó al lado de ella, usted ni siquiera oró por ella. Mi padrastro sufría tanto de artritis que apenas podía inclinarse o agacharse. El también fue sanado instantáneamente y las tres personas que vinieron conmigo rindieron sus vidas a Cristo.” T.B.  

SANADO… DESPUÉS DE 28 AÑOS DE SORDERA Peter  “dijo que habían asistentes con dificultades auditivas que el Señor quería sanar. …Debido a una prolongada exposición a explosiones fuertes durante pruebas de cañones en el ejército, mi audición se había deteriorado en ambos oídos. Al orar Peter sentí un dolor agudo y luego un sonido fuerte en mi cabeza que pasó rápidamente y mi audición fue restaurada de forma instantánea. Ya no necesitaba audífonos y hasta podía escuchar susurros perfectamente.” A.B.


MINISTRY FACTS   (Algo Español a bajo)

Dr Peter Gammons has spoken to larger crowds than any other person in history, with over four million people attending a single service in Manila, Philippines, the crowd stretching for over four miles. A further 20 million also watched the event live by television. This historically documented event was the largest single miracle service ever held with over one million responding to receive Christ in a day! The nations President had to leave his limousine and walk over half a mile because of the vast crowds blocking the freeway and all of the roads, bringing the whole city to a standstill.  Other services have drawn crowds of two to three million people, and over twenty with in excess of one million persons present.  While these figures sound incredible, they are accurately documented with the figures released by the police and media, with letters confirming the numbers from the Mayor, Majority Leader of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives and de-facto Prime Minister.
Dr Gammons was not raised in a believing home and was the first in his family to turn to Christ.  Before that, his only interest was music.  From the age of eight he began winning talent contests, later becoming a recording artist.  His record ‘On the Beach’ was voted by British DJ’s among their 'Top Twenty' all time favourite dance records, even beating The Beach Boy’s ‘Surfin’ USA’ and Little Eva’s ‘Locomotion.’

Over the past thirty five years he has preached to over 100 million people in more than 100 nations of the world.  The number one question we are asked is how such vast crowds can hear him at such massive events.  The answer is simple.  Dr Gammons pioneered broadcasting the services live from a portable 30,000 watt, 40 foot transmitter at the corner of the stage, with people bringing portable radios.

Secular newspapers, magazines, and prime-time news reports have all carried accounts of those healed in Dr Gammons' meetings, including those considered incurable. Dr. Gammons' friends and supporters include medical doctors, some of whose family members have been healed in his meetings.  He is also a friend and confidante of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, World Leaders and Movie Celebrities around the world. World leaders have even sent their private jets to collect Dr. Gammons when they want his prayers and counsel. One President recently spent six hours praying and taking private counsel from Dr Gammons for answers to the nation's problems.

One South American political leader became a close friend after his staff attended one of Dr Gammons' meetings and excitedly told how they had witnessed him line up all of the deaf and dumb and how they had all been instantly healed. The next night he brought his sister to the meeting because she had been deaf for 30 years and she was instantly healed.

During one of his rallies in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, drew accumulated crowds reported at up to 100,000 in attendance, the Muslim leaders announced "It is the will of Allah that you are here" after witnessing hundreds of people in a single night queuing at the stage to explain how they had been instantly healed. The newspapers called the event "A Jihad (holy war) on sickness and disease." The Muslim Government provided Dr. Gammons with 26 armed body guards to protect him.

While he was President of the Philippines, Hon. Fidel V. Ramos invited Dr. Gammons to address the whole nation from his Palace by television, calling together all of the Senators, Governors, Congressmen and 1000 of the nations key leaders to attend the event. The President called a National Day of Prayer and gave the whole nation the day free from work to hear Dr Gammons.

A best-selling author, Dr. Gammons has written more than 60 books and teaching manuals with his books translated into many other languages, with more than two million copies in print. They include "Christ's Healing Power Today", "Believing is Seeing", "Battle Stations", "The Powerful Name of Jesus", "See Giants or Be Giants" and "Israel in Prophecy".

Dr. Gammons' held 60 Crusades across Brazil, packing some of the country's largest sports stadiums, with television, radio, newspapers and magazines all reporting the amazing miracles taking place. In Campo Limpo a 29 year old man who had been born with infantile paralysis, stood and walked for the first time. A weeping mother told how her pretty eight year old daughter who had been deaf and dumb from birth, turned to the girl next to her and began to talk, hearing and speaking for the first time ever. Hundreds of others have testified that they have been healed of deafness, many of whom were born totally deaf.

During one of the Crusades, the local newspapers challenged the Pastor that they would expose his church as a fraud if the blind did not see the lame walk and the deaf hear, as they had advertised they would. The reporters attended every service and at the end of the event wrote an article entitled; "We saw it with our own eyes! the Blind saw, the Deaf heard and the Lame walked."

Whole cities have been shaken by the testimonies of those healed in Dr. Gammons' crusades. In one city, a well know deaf and dumb man who worked at General Motors, was instantly healed. Word spread throughout the factory and from there, around the whole city. Pastors reported that "everyone in the city knows about the miracle." The Crusade had to move from the Church to the Football Stadium.  In another city a pretty little deaf and dumb girl healed during Dr. Gammons' crusade received front page coverage in the newspapers and became the talk of the city.

More than three quarters of the inhabitants of one mountain head-hunting tribe attended one of Dr. Gammons' crusades after word spread of the incredible miracles taking place, including a woman who had walked her blind husband 3 days through the mountains to the meeting, where he had instantly received his sight. The town's inhabitants had previously been ancestral spirit worshippers and head hunters. The Episcopal Bishop testified publicly that prior to Dr. Gammons' crusade, four hundred years of missionary activity had failed to make one convert from the tribe. Yet, as a result of the miracles more than half of the town responded to receive Christ in a single night.

Even though most of Dr. Gammons' crusades are held in football stadiums and vast arenas, many are not big enough to contain the crowds that gather, with police regularly having to close off the roads and re-direct the traffic around the city due to the thousands of people unable to get into the meetings.
 Dr Gammons makes up to seventy flights a year (on average one every four days), flying almost half a million miles a year, that is the equivalent of to the moon and back, spending a month a year in airport lounges waiting for flights and another month a year in the sky!  Dr Gammons is respected as a 'Pastor's Pastor' with hundreds of leaders around the world receiving their inspiration each week from his books and teaching tapes.
All the major Churches in Newcastle, England united for Dr Gammons' Crusade, held in the City Hall. At the end, the organisers announced that more people had received Christ during the three day event than in all the city's churches combined over the past year. Many testified that they were healed including a boy born deaf and mute.

Via powerful radio transmitters in key locations around the world, Dr. Gammons' radio programme has world-wide coverage, being heard each week in every country of the world.  His Television Specials are also seen in many countries of the world.  Over 5 million people tuned into Dr. Gammons' miracle service in Sao Paulo, Brazil, held in the giant outdoor Samba Drome, built for Brazil's world-famous annual 'Carnival' with the event broadcast y television in 54 cities of Brazil.
In one month alone Dr Gammons' preaching of the Gospel was seen on 3170 television stations... in 170 nations ... by 21 satellites.  This included the ABC television network; covering 98% US homes; the main Government Station of Nigeria seen by 10 million viewers; the main government channel watched by 20 million viewers in Philippines; across China and all of the former Soviet Union by Star TV, the main Satellite for Asia and the Middle East, including Israel, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and all of the Muslim nations.  His programmes were also translated into Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and several Chinese dialects!  Dr Gammons is also a regular guest on TBN's 'Praise the Lord' and on CBN's '700 Club' and is in demand as a guest on both secular and Christian programs around the world.

Dr Gammons is also a gifted songwriter. In one night on the Island of Malta he wrote the beautiful musical 'A Child is Born'. This powerful Christmas pageant includes live animals, dance, drama and congregational participation. It opens with the joyful Jewish betrothal ceremony of Joseph and Mary and includes Joseph's humorous 'Oi Va, What a Day', Herod's 'A Contender for My Throne' and the classic theme tune 'Everything has changed'.  It is far more than entertainment however, and ends with the powerful challenge, "What will your response be to Jesus?" Churches that have performed it have seen more people saved in one night than in the whole previous years outreach combined. As one man put it, "It is easy to invite all of your family, friends and work colleagues when your dressed up as an angel or as a wise man and everyone I invited received Christ!"


Estamos de verdad entusiasmados con la visita del evangelista internacional Dr. Peter Gammons, original de Cambridgeshire (Reino Unido), quien recientemente ha vuelto a sus raíces luego de una larga temporada en Orlando, Florida) y viene a visitarnos a Torrevieja. Dr. Gammons cuenta con un ministerio de evangelismo a nivel mundial y ha intervenido en varias oportunidades en concentraciones con asistencia de millones de personas. El Dr. Gammons aceptó la invitación  para pasar 10 días proclamando la Palabra de Dios, la Salvación y la Sanidad a un público un tanto más pequeño, y la Concentración de Sanación por el Evangelio en Torrevieja es parte de su recorrido.


La concentración está dirigida a personas de habla hispana y habla inglesa por igual, y no solo para creyentes, porque el Dr. Gammons predica el evangelio con gran poder y muchas gentes son salvas en sus reuniones. El Dr. Gammons tiene además un ministerio de sanidad consagrado, así que además de invitar a los creyentes y aún-no-cristianos que conozca, por favor asegúrese de invitar a cualquier persona que conozca que necesita sanidad, especialmente si los médicos no le dan esperanzas.) 

 Puede conseguir más información sobre el ministerio del Dr. Gammons visitando su página web (www.pgmi.org - pero los siento solo de idioma inglés).  

Por favor pida al líder de su iglesia de anunciar esta concentración y darle publicidad, además de anunciarla en las publicaciones de su iglesia.

Somos un grupo pequeño por lo que si usted quiere ayudarnos a organizar este evento, por favor no dude en contactarnos a la mayor brevedad.


Dios le bendiga


Terry Turner - Administrador.

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